Hardly a Low Profile

As we’ve detailed before on various occasions, one of the serendipities about watching ‘classic’ TV is stumbling across the odd constellations of stars which had, or will have, Doctor Who, somewhere on their CV.  The fourth season episode of ‘Bergerac’ titled Low Profile is particularly rich in this regard.

Louise Jameson was a series regular at this point playing Bergerac’s occasional girlfriend Susan Young.  So was Terence Alexander who, earlier that same year (1985) appeared in The Mark of the Rani.  But that’s only the beginning.

Wasn’t that Mark Strickson in a brief cameo at the start of the episode, and over there, why isn’t that Jerome Willis from The Green Death?  Sure enough it was.

How about Lois Baxter, who appeared in The Androids of Tara with some very distinctive serpentine hair.  And finally there’s Beryl Reid, who was so dreadfully miscast in Earthshock.

Given that this was a BBC co-production which spanned the 80’s, there were also a number of behind-the-scenes personnel which had Doctor Who somewhere in their past like Ken Trew, Sid Sutton, Chris Boucher, Gareth Milne, and Robert Banks Stewart.

The funny thing about ‘Bergerac’, given its style as an-all-film production, is that aside from cars and phones, it has aged pretty well all things considered.  Another contemporary series of the time, ‘Jemima Shore Investigates’ from 1983, which the Tour is also slowly making its way through, screams its eighties-ness at every turn. Kinda like the Davison era really.  Tom Baker recently did a turn there.  He was very Tom Baker-y.

Hardly a surprise.