Future to the Back

The third, and likely last full trailer for Series 10 dropped earlier this week.  It’s certainly the trailer-iest, most ‘traditional’ one so far and is chock-a-block with all sorts of enticing images for the 12-episode run to come, a few of which we’ve seen before, most we hadn’t.  It all makes for an interesting, if temporary, gallery of caps for the trailer.

What’s striking is how many foes we’ve seen before appear to be coming back:  Daleks, (Cloth-headed) Cybermen, the Master, Ice Warriors, and the Pyroviles (we think).  Heck it could almost be 1985 all over again.  That’s probably not a compliment.

But there’s also lots of stunning imagery forthcoming.  After roughly 18 months away from the main action, we’re all-too-ready for this.