Fivey at Forty: Kinda Elementary I’d Say

Whilst work on the larger Tour project has ground down to sludge owing to onerous work commitments, there’s still enough time to note an oddity about Peter Davison’s story Kinda which is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary.  One of the ‘Kinda Kids’ who appeared in episode 1 (and probably laid the lei around the neck of the sleeping Tegan) was none other than Jonny Lee Miller, who US audiences would know best from the long-running series ‘Elementary.’  This is Millers first credit according to IMDB when he was 9 years old.

It would be nice to say with definitive assurance we here at the Tour knows which kid was Miller amongst the others on screen, but we can’t.  He appeared a little more than a year later with a speaking part in an episode of ‘Jemima Shore Investigates’ and if you didn’t know if was Miller beforehand you would still be none the wiser.

Just one of those footnotes which dot the legacy of a 58 year program.