Five for Tuesday

WhoFX, one of the Tour’s preferred twitter follows, recently and quite inadvertently put us here at THT Worldwide to a bit of shame.  Occasionally they do a deep dive into a classic series story with the most recent focus being Four to Doomsday, all of which reminds us that we did our own deep dive in to this story some time ago as an HD Re-classic-ation except was hadn’t written about it.  Just our natural shyness … apparently.

Four to Doomsday isn’t just early-stage Davison but the earliest stage Davison and, although this story certainly has its fans, we here at the Tour feel the story suffers a bit because of it.  He was definitely finding his way.  In fact the whole Tardis crew was finding its way as there was plenty of tension being played out, most notably from Tegan, which for our taste went to and through the point of annoyance.

Although the casting here is first-rate, there’s a lot about Four to Doomsday which seems clunky and mechanical, but we’re in something of a forgiving mood as this was the first story produced for his era and as such it joins a procession of atypical first-produced stories for a particular Doctor which started with Spearhead From Space and would continue all the way out to Time and the Rani.

In that sense it was typical after all.  New HD caps from Four to Doomsday are  available now.