The Tour has lots of thoughts about Revolution of the Daleks, but life and an experimental technique for generating even higher quality screencaps (which we’re pleased with and hope you will be too) have delayed us from posting about it.

Bottom line:  We loved Revolution of the Daleks, especially as a coda for the first two years of the Whittaker era.  The Daleks, although immaculately rendered on-screen, were, as they usually are, the least interesting thing about the story.  All of the emotional beats paid off.  Even Captain Jack was good, and well used as a signpost of for the ghosts-of-companions-past, but our special commendation goes to Chris Noth who was clearly having such impish fun as the craven Jack Robertson.

So, just for the moment, the Time Team has been halved.  By the time Series 13 returns Revolution of the Daleks will stand as the only new nu-Who in about 18 months.  If you think that’s not enough, you’re in good company.