Down for the Countdown

As the Tour Honchos as so often fond of saying, ‘It’s Good to be Back on the Clock Again.’

And indeed it is.

The Tour has formally reinstituted the countdown clock for the Series 11 premiere episode The Woman Who Fell to Earth.  And while it’s All Change for the show, there’ll also be a boatload going on underneath the murky depths here at THT Worldwide.

But our excitement is also slightly tinged with concern.  If you asked, and we assure you nobody did ask, when Season 11 would drop the Tour would have bet September 30th instead of Sunday October 7th.  Spinning that ahead runs the series out to December 9th, not much of a gap before whatever comes at Christmas, and that felt a little weird back in 2015 when Hell Bent ended on December 5th.

We have other questions that arise mostly from being significantly to the west of ‘the Pond.’  It was our received wisdom that Saturday was always the most competitive and prestige-laden night of the week in British television.  Does the move away from Saturday signal a shift in viewing patterns or merely that it wasn’t a fit on Saturday for the BBC’s Autumn schedule.  We just don’t know.

What we’re more sure of however, at least for Tour purposes, is the knock-on effect that will have for the site.  Whereas a Saturday airdate meant that caps for any single episode, at least for the curated experience the Tour strives for, could be turned around fairly quickly, a Sunday story, and its proximity to the working week, most certainly does not.  It’ll take some experimentation to see how this works out but for dedicated Tour brethren, which most assuredly includes you, the likelihood of a multiple day delay between airing and site posting looms distinctly.

That’s our problem though.  A better one is how to deal with the anticipation until ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ finally does air.