Double Nickel — Gold

In the week-to-week rhythm that being in-season with Doctor Who brings, it almost passed our attention that Doctor Who turned a tidy 55 years young on November 23rd.

Five years ago the 50th Anniversary, and The Day of the Doctor and all of the build-up and offshoots that surrounded it, was the biggest thing in our world.  Five years later we’re all still here, and that includes Series 11 of Doctor Who.  Isn’t that something?

Thinking about 55 as a number inevitably led us here at the Tour back into ‘classic’ Doctor Who and Peter Davison in particular.  And then we found two pictures which tie together both the old and the ‘new’ to bridge the years.

So let’s celebrate Doctor Who at 55 and all of its abundance.  55 isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law.

November 23rd is also an Anniversary for the Tour.  We’re now 21 years old.  I guess that means we’re legal now.

21 Years, 305K images, many many thanx.