The Doctor in question this time is Colin Baker, whose all-too-short tenure was, for all sorts of reasons, the most tumultuous in the history of the show. 

In order to find stories with screen captures a little more easily, we’ve inserted a TV symbol where appropriate into each of the Doctor’s index pages which links to the relevant SC page for that story.  This should make these images more accessible as well. To refresh the Colin Baker era ran like this…   Enjoy the pix!


CodeTitleSCAssistantsTimeOriginal Air Dates
6SThe Twin DilemmaPeri1:323/22/84to3/30/84
6TAttack of the CybermenPeri1:271/5/85to1/12/85
6VVengeance on VarosPeri1:271/19/85to1/26/85
6XThe Mark of the RaniPeri1:272/2/85to2/9/85
6WThe Two DoctorsPeri2:092/16/85to3/2/85
6ZRevelation of the DaleksPeri1:273/23/85to3/30/85
7AThe Mysterious PlanetPeri1:319/6/86to9/22/86
7CTerror of the VervoidsMel1:3111/1/86to11/22/86
7CThe Ultimate FoeMel0:5311/29/86to12/6/86
The Colin Baker Miscellany
Colin Baker -- Who Not Who!
Nicola Bryant -- Who Not Who!
Bonnie Langford -- Who Not Who!