‘Bill’ of Goods

We must confess that here at THT Omniversal we were getting a bit twitchy about the lack of news regarding the new companion.  Knowing that production on Series 10 would begin in May, here we were in late April and knowing very little more than we did at Christmas.

Then, as incongruous as it was sitting in the middle of a football game, there she was, the new companion ‘Bill,’ presented in a sort of mini-adventure, asking all of those ‘new companion’ questions that seem too-too-obvious to seasoned fans but are always necessary for moving Doctor Who as an overall entity on from one era to the next.  As fans, we should be extraordinarily careful to be too-judgmental off this minor exercise.  It’s not part of series 10 by any measure we know of at this time and ‘we’ should know better than to think it’ll be representative of something that will have another year to marinate.

Nonetheless, as is Tour ‘tradition,’ we have assembled a gallery of images for Pearl Mackie (which it must be said was harder than expected as she is truly (almost) a newcomer) and a set of caps for the teaser which aired on April 23rd.

Welcome aboard Ms. Mackie.  You’re in the deep end now.