A-Ward of Merit

With dogged and practiced obliviousness, The Tour finally, mercifully, reaches the end of our backlog of abandoned posts with another of those serendipitous encounters with Doctor Who actors away, often years away, from their involvement in Doctor Who.

The early seventies were a very busy time for Lalla Ward (if IMDB were any guide) and her appearance in ‘Bagman,’ Season 2, Episode 2 of ‘The Protectors’, a better-than-it-has-any-right-to-be and all-too-rare half-hour actioner from 1972-74, falls well into this time-frame.

Ward plays Eva Bergman is this story shot almost entirely, except for a few interiors, in Copenhagen. She is the terrified victim of a kidnap and, honestly, doesn’t get all that much to do aside from looking suitably scarred and scared. But she does it well enough.

Ward, perhaps in part because she’s a little on the short side, and much like Wendy Padbury, never seems to age (not politely at least). That’s all to our benefit.

The Tour’s allotment of Lalla Ward images got updated back in August. They’re fairly ageless too.