7/1/2007 – The Last of the Time Lords

How do assess Last of the Time Lords? As the end of a trilogy? Against The Parting of the Ways and Doomsday? Or simply on it’s own merits? Thats’ the conundrum. The feeling here is that it was just alright, let down by too much (inevitable) expectation from The Sound of Drums, as well as the Doctor’s proper re-introduction to the story.

We wish Martha would be continuing on full-time, as she has been simply fantastic. The season as a whole is an all-timer, rivaling the 7th, 13th, 14th, and 18th in consistent quality.

One last note regarding the Christmas Special, if the ‘companion’ turns out to be Celine Dion, Check Please!

Caps and images for Last of the Time Lords are now online. We’ll also have follow-up for our off-season plans later this week.