5/16/2001 – Version 2.0

Welcome to Version 2.0 of Doctor Who’s Tragical History Tour.

My goodness!  What a positive response to the layout changes.  Traffic is up, and so is the picture count in the Tour, having vaulted over 7000 images in overall image content.  Look at The Score for more details.

The long-since-announced re-design of the site has finally arrived and, shock of shocks, it looks suspiciously like the old design. After several attempts to spruce it up and feeling that the results we’re less than satisfactory, I’ve settled for updating the old frameset to produce a smoother look.

Site redesign, as I’m sure many readers will attest, can be a frustrating experience, but it should be remembered that the primary purpose of the site is to share and display pictures which depict the History of Doctor Who. As such, territory on the desktop becomes valuable, and shouldn’t be frittered away on largely irrelevant scenery chewers. To that end we should announce that the site is now fully intended to be viewed at resolutions 800×600 and above.

In addition you will notice things are, literally, flashier, than before, as this site has fully embraced the possibilities, not to mention the editing flexibility, of flash animation.  If you don’t have flash capability, you’ll need to access the site this way.  At the same time we’re attempting to move away from more of the java-based applets which slowed page loading.  Hopefully you’ll approve of the results.

As promised The Space Museum has metamorphosed into The Web of Fear, where all of the Tour’s Troughton images are currently on display.  We hope you like it.

The Tour presently forms six parts, all of which are rotated on a regular basis:

  • The Cloister Room. Our “Season in Review” gallery. Every Month stills from a season of the program will be displayed. Season 16 is now up for review.. UPDATED MAY 1ST
  • The Panopticon. Each month we’ll pick a theme for a special themed set of stills, sometimes topical, other times downright silly.  In May it’s Douglas Adams in Memoriam… UPDATED MAY 15TH
  • The Eye of Orion.   Our request gallery. UPDATED APRIL 1ST
  • The Randomizer.  A random story on display each week. UPDATED EVERY MONDAY
  • The Matrix.  See if you can solve the mystery of the Matrix. UPDATED APRIL 1ST
  • The Web of Fear.  All of the Tour’s Troughton images in one place! UPDATED MAY 20TH