SF in the First Decree


Down for the Countdown

Minder Re-Minders

Re-regenerate Degenerate

Roundel Roundabouts

A Flighty Wind

Here at THT Omniversal we've been taking note of the continuing drama regarding the ongoing recovery of missing Doctor Who episodes.  Look ... we cheered as much...


Thirteenth the Friday



The Moffat Talent Agency — MoTA #3

It's been far too long since the Tour ventured back into the great eye for talent that coursed through the Steven Moffat era(s) of...

Doc-tahh Wonk-ahh

The Tour continues to play catch-up with recent events and alights upon a facet of the recent update to the Peter Capaldi section with...

Con-ventional Wisdom

After a busy time on the perpetual project the Tour fondly calls 'life', we begin playing catch-up with the first foray of almost all of...

Teasing Pleasing Anniversaring

One day short of the one year anniversary of Jodie Whittaker's announcement as the Doctor comes the first teaser trailer for Series 11. Anyone familiar with...

50 for 50 -- 5 Years On

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