11/23/2002 – 5th Anniversary


Happy 39th Anniversary to Doctor Who!  Still looking good in the 21st century carried by the hearts of those who fell for what it was all about, and knew how good was it was and can continue to be.  This site, which not coincidentally turned five years young on November 23rd, is one of many which in a small way continue to carry the flame.  Thank you to everyone through the years who have helped by their suggestions, compliments (and complaints), and web hosting.  It’s a very different site from when it started, and one we thought had some novelty.  We enjoyed posting whole seasons at a time, and ran through the entire series twice this way, but have since moved to a permanent display format which we hope everyone approves of.

We’ll guess what…. The Tour has now reached 10000 images!  I know the tension was unbearable but we managed it.  In fact for the morbidly curious, we have set aside a page for the 10000th image in the Tour.  Otherwise it’s pretty much business as usual except that we are setting up a mailing list for the first time for those who wish to stay abreast of changes in The Tour.  Sign up for it here…